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Ships from Renegades

Blood Hawk
BPV: 41 / 1 Crew
It is expensive for a SPAC, but we are talking a Plazgun. High Drive and High Defensive Value make this fighter very tough to take out. The obvious tactic is to pick a target, fly up to it and shoot. There are only two real weaknesses for the Blood Hawk. One is the potential to quickly lose the only weapon on the fighter. The other is that it falls apart quickly for 41 points.

BPV: 215 / 5 Crew
At 215 points and 5 crew, the Conestoga seems like a powerful ship, but if you have the choice, a Betafortress or two Glaives might serve your purposes better. One the plus side, the Conestoga has armament for any target. On the minus side, almost all of the armament has limited ammo. Generally speaking, the Conestoga will throw out four volleys of attacks and them be reduced to using the Splatterguns, which do not cover the front arc. The best use of the Conestoga is to be perceived as a greater threat than it really is. Hopefully, your opponent will launch most of his torpedoes towards it in hopes of slowing it down. Use the Conestoga's numerous decoys and amazing Point-Defense(1-6[6]) to show them the error of their ways.

BPV: 55 / 3 Crew
I consider the Crescent to really be a scenario fighter. That is it would not normally be taken unless a scenario called for it. It is good at running away from a problem, so its best use is in a scenario when a ship needs to get from point A to point B in a set amount of time. The eight rear Pulse Lasers can do some damage, but the total potential is low. It carries 5 Mk. 10 torps, useful in clearing a path, but basically it is underarmed. It has a large number of decoys, very high damage control, decent point-defense, high drive, and high defensive value. So basically, you have a ship that will stay around a long time. It just won't do much damage. I should point out that I think it is excellent for what it was designed for (smuggling and blockade running).

BPV: 170 / 5 Crew
If you can maneuver a target into the Eagle's front arc, six Pulse Lasers, a Plazgun, and an Ion Ram will make your enemy sorry. Its high torpedo load provides a good standoff capability and almost makes up for its pitifully low Defensive Value. Choose your targets carefully and concentrate all your fire on one victim at a time.

BPV: 122 / 4 Crew
The Scorpion is useful only if you need to capture a target. Its rear area has no weapon coverage, and its weapons are relatively light. The Missile Launchers are gone after one volley so use the Splatterguns and Plazgun as your main weapons. The Tractor Beam is more powerful than it first appears, however with the release of Hostile Takeover, its effectiveness will be seriously harmed. If you can get close to a ship, use the Salvage Claws, but most targets will find a way to steer clear.

Saucer Shuttle
BPV: 6 / 1 Crew
Well, you get what you pay for. You have two ways to use them. The first is with a high Gunner skill taking well planned snipes on ships with low DR. The other is with low skills. Use them as targets to lure your opponent into a tactically inferior position. Good Luck.