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The Super-Kali

The Kali Warhound (found in Hostile Takeover) is an effective patrol ship for the Kashmere Commonwealth. However, the Kashmeri still lack a powerful Escort capable of fighting an Iceberg or Fletcher. Rather than use an entirely new hull, the Kashmere ship designers increased the size of the Kali hull and built an impressive Warhound. Below is their results.

The Super-Kali is quasi-official. That is it is not approved or endorsed by ICE, but since I wrote Kashmere Commonwealth and Hostile Takeover, I am familiar with the Kashmere ship designs. Enjoy the Super-Kali and let me know what you think of here.


BPV 885 Drive 9 Tons 8000
DV 13 Crew 21 ECM 1-6(2)
TOC +1 Dam Con 1-4
Bow Left DR 4 Bow Left PD 1-6
Bow Right DR 3 Bow Right PD 1-6
Stern Left DR 3 Stern Left PD 1-5
Stern Right DR 3 Stern Right PD 1-5


Triple Torpedo Tube (F) (3 Crew A)
4 Laztubes (F, BFQL, BFQR) (3 Crew B)
Impulsegun (F, BFQR, BRQR) (Gunner A)
20 Missiles (F, BFQR, BRQR) (Gunner A)
Impulsegun (F, BFQL, BRQL) (Gunner B)
20 Missiles (F, BFQL, BRQL) (Gunner B)
Impulsegun (R, SFQR, SRQR) (Gunner C)
20 Missiles (R, SFQR, SRQR) (Gunner C)
Impulsegun (R, SFQL, SRQL) (Gunner D)
20 Missiles (R, SFQL, SRQL) (Gunner D)
2 Laztubes (R, SFQL, SFQR) (3 Crew C)
20 Mk. 20 Torpedoes (Bow)
10 Mk. 50 Torpedoes (Stern)
Damage Track:

Bow Left Track

Bow Right Track

Stern Left Track

Stern Right Track