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Ships from Sunrunners

BPV: 59 / 2 Crew
Lots of lasers and an EMP beam that can fire anywhere but forward. The Havok requires some fancy flying to maneuver it into the best position. Typically you should move it last so that it can spank someone. Basically maneuver the EMP beam to hit the big ships and use the lasers as opportunity fire. The choice of using the Meld Lasers by the Gunner or Pilot is nice when you need to ensure you fire before someone in front of you.

BPV: 25 / 1 Crew
The most noticeable aspect of this fighter has to be the EMP ray. Double and triples come up fairly often when rolling three dice so a quick critical is always a happy thing. A high Drive allows the Wavecutter to maneuver into the relatively short 8 hex range that the EMP ray has. The Pulse Lasers should only be used if the extra +1 to-hit is needed, or the target is out of the EMP's range. If using the multiple weapon firing rules, then the damage potential of the Wavecutter is greatly increased. Its incredible Drive and Defensive Value make this ship an improved Dart packing a significant, albeit somewhat random, punch.

BPV: 13 / 1 Crew
This is like a Thunderbird without the torpedoes. The 5 Pulse Lasers, provide a minimum of +3 bonus to-hit (at long range) and at least 5 points of damage, so you can use it to swat pesky attrition fighters like the Dart and Pit Viper. Its Drive of 18 lets it zip across the board and it excels at torpedo intercepts. Granted you do not have the flexibility of the Thunderbirds torp load, but you can purchase two Winjammers for the price of one Thunderbird. Ten Pulse Lasers streaking toward a target will make even a medium fighter pause.