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Wing Commander

I have been a big fan of the Wing Commander series since it began, although I usually play them well after they were released as that's when I have a machine powerful enough. After playing Wing Commander III and IV again I decided to create the ships in those games in Silent Death. Here then is the results.

Rather than force the Wing Commander ships into the Silent Death model, I created a host of new weapons, equipment, and rules. All of this is summarized below. I tried to use actual data from the game in my conversions, although I fudged here and there for playability. For instance all of the weapons have slightly more than twice their "actual" range as even the laser cannon could only shoot 5 hexes.

Wing Commander Ships


Wing Commander Rules

Unless noted below, all of the Silent Death rules are in effect when using Wing Commander ships.

Weapon List

Weapon Dice Damage Range Cost
Laser Cannon 2D8 Low 3/8/11 1
2 Laser Cannons 2D8+1 Low+1 3/8/11 2
4 Laser Cannons 2D8+3 Low+3 3/8/11 4
Ion Cannon 2D6 Med 2/7/10 2
2 Ion Cannons 2D6+1 Med+2 2/7/10 2
Photon Cannon 2D6 Med 3/9/10 3
2 Photon Cannons 2D6+1 Med+2 3/9/10 3
Meson Blaster 2D8 Med 1/9/10 4
2 Meson Blasters 2D8+1 Med+2 1/9/10 4
Mass Driver 2D6 High 3/4/5 5
2 Mass Drivers 2D6+1 High+2 3/4/5 6
Reaper Cannon 2D8 Medium* 1/7/10 6
2 Reaper Cannons 2D8+1 Medium*+2 1/7/10 6
Particle Cannon 2D6 High 1/5/9 6
2 Particle Cannons 2D6+1 High+2 1/5/9 6
Plasma Gun 2D8 High 2/5/7 8
2 Plasma Gun 2D8+1 High+2 2/5/7 10
4 Plasma Gun 2D8+3 High+4 2/5/7 12
Tachyon Gun 2D8 High 3/6/7 9
2 Tachyon Guns 2D8+1 High+2 3/6/7 11
4 Tachyon Guns 2D8+3 High+4 3/6/7 13
Wing Commander IV Weapons
Leech Cannon 2D6 Spec** 1/4/7 7
Stormfire*** 2D6 Med 4/7/12 4
Scattergun 2D8+2 High+2 2/3/4 5
Fission 2D6 All 3/6/7 12
*double damage when doubles are rolled
**only damages the Drive of a ship. When the Drive is 0, the ship is immobile.
***has 6 shots of ammo.

Missiles in Wing Commander correspond to torpedoes in Silent Death. The different missiles have various requirements to lock on. If a missile cannot lock on, it cannot be fired.

Missile List

Missile Drive Damage Cost
Dart Dumbfire 30 5d12 4
Javelin Heat Seeker 20 4d12 3
Leech 14 special 3
Mine 1 1d12 2
Pilum Friend-or-Foe 12 2d12 3
Spicum Image Recognition 16 3d12 4
Torpedo 10 10d12 10

Afterburners get a lot of use in Wing Commander. In Silent Death, the Afterburner has five pips of fuel. Each pip gives the ship +5 Drive until the end of the turn. The afterburner can be triggered at any time during the ship's move.

Stealth is a Kilrathi invention, but is eventually mounted into an Excalibur. It costs 15 points to put stealth on a ship (it is already figured in the Strakha's cost). When stealth is activated, the ship moves for five points and is removed from the board and continues its movement. It is up to the stealth ship's controller to keep accurate track of the ship's location. When in stealth mode, a ship can only move. The stealth mode can be turned off anytime during the ship's movement.

Finally, all Wing Commander ships have the following critical chart:

2 Pilot Killed. So much for the Heart of the Tiger.
3 Missiles Hit. Lose 1D6 Missiles.
4 Targeting system destroyed. -1 to to-hit and may only fire dumbfire missiles.
5 Targeting system damaged. -1 to to-hit.
6 Afterburner damaged. Lose 2 units of fuel.
7 Power plant hit. No weapons fire until after next turn.
8 Shields hit. -3 to Defensive Value.
9 Maneuver thruster hit. +1 to the cost of all turns.
10 Structure damaged. Ship may not perform tight turns.
11 Gunner Killed. If no Gunner, engine dies, it starts up after end of next turn.
12 Reactor Hit. Chunks of ship float in the darkness.

Please let me know what you think of these rules. Hopefully they capture the flavor and frenzy of the Wing Commander series.